Universal Inline Ignition Spark Tester

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Lawn Mower

Quickly diagnose engine misfiring & ignition issues using Everest Parts Supplies inline spark plug tester. A small spark plug tester is the most direct and useful tool to detect problems such as spark plug connections, weak spark, contact points, cable damage, and more.

With a built in indicator light diagnosing issues is a lot easier.

How to use:

An Intense bright white light indicates a healthy spark, jumping colors indicate weak contact current, and no light indicates no current passing. Further, help you identify which cylinder is causing the problem and track down the exact cause. 

Step 1: 

Shut off the engine and remove the spark plug wire 

Step 2:

Connect the black connector to the spark plug 

Step 3:

Insert the metal end of the tester into the spark plug wire 

Step 4:

Start the engine and observe the indicator light. In as little as 20 seconds you can find the source of your ignition problems!

Made from high-quality, high-temperature-resistant wire, the transparent shell is designed for clear display, and the inner light bulb will last for years.

Anti-rust and corrosion-resistant, easy to store and a long service life.



3in (7.6cm) Nickel Plated Shaft

7in (17.8cm) Rubber Straight Boot and Cable

1in (2.5cm) Bulb

It's compact size makes checking hard-to-reach areas a lot easier!

Suitable for all internal combustion engines including: cars, trucks, motorcycles, lawn mowers, chainsaws, trimmers, small engines

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