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New Ignition Coil Fits Tecumseh HSSK40 HSSK50 OVRM40 OVRM50 OVRM55 OVRM60 OVRM65

Fits TecumsehModels:
HXL35 HXL840 HSK600 HSK840 HSK845 HSK850 LAV35 LAV40 LAV50HS40 HS50 HSK40 HSK50 HSK60 HSK70 HSSK40 HSSK50 OVRM40 OVRM50 OVRM55 OVRM60 OVRM65 OVRM120 OVRM125 OHSK55 OHSK60 OHSK70 OHH45 OHH50 OHH55 OHH60 OHH65 OH195XA OH195XP OH195EA OH195EP OH195SA OH195SP OV195EA OV195XA TVS75 TVS90 TVS100 TVS105 TVS115 TVS120 TNT100 TNT140 TVM125 TVM140 TV085XA TVS600 TVS840 ULT50 ULT55 ULT60 ECV100 ECV120 VLV50 VLV55 VLV60 VLV65 VLV66 VLV126 V70 VH50 VH70 VLXL50 VLXL55 LEV80 LEV100 LEV115 LEV120 AH600 AV520 AV600 TH098SA TH139SA VLV50 VLV55 VLV60 VLV65 VLV66 VLV126 VSK90 VSK100 TVXL105 TVXL115 TVXL840 LV148EA LV148XA LV156EA LV156XA
Replaces OEMPart Numbers:
34443A 34443B 34443C 34443D
*Please Verify OEM Part Number Prior To Purchasing
**Will NOT Fit Internal Coils**
1x Ignition Coil

Customer Reviews

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worked Great

Coil fit perfectly and worked well. The only issue I have with the order isn't with the part itself. Although I received the part in good shape, I think it could have been packaged better. The part was just dropped in a bubble mailer unwrapped, no bag or box. Thankfully the postal service went easy on it.