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Tune Up Electric Starter Motor Kit Fits Honda GX390 Carburetor Recoil Air Filter

Fits Honda Model:

1x Recoil

NOTE:Recoils are style. Flange cup availableseparatelyfor compatibility. Please double check with seller prior to purchasing.

1x Ignition Coil

1x Carburetor w/ Gaskets

1x Carburetor Insulator

1x Air Filter

1x Chrome Gas Cap

1x Fuel Line

1x Fuel Filter

1x Oil Bottle 10W30

1x Spark Plug

1x On/Off Switch

1x Oil Alert

Recoil Bolts

Ignition Coil Bolts

1x Starter Motor With Solenoid

1x Electric Flywheel With Ring Gear

 1x Ignition Switch Box With Keys

1x 3 AMP Charging Coil