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Tune Up Kit & Starter Motor For Honda GX390 Carburetor Recoil Air & Fuel Filter

Fits Honda:


1x Recoil

NOTE:Recoils are new style. Flange cup availableseparatelyfor compatibility. Please double check with seller prior to purchasing.

1x Ignition Coil

1x Carburetor w/ Gaskets

1x Carburetor Insulator

1x Air Filter

1x Chrome Gas Cap

1x Fuel Line

1x Fuel Filter

1x Oil Bottle

1x Spark Plug

1x On/Off Switch

1x Oil Alert

Recoil Bolts

Ignition Coil Bolts

1x Starter Motor With Solenoid

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Great parts motor runs like new.

Generic parts don't fit exactly right. Expect to mod.

Air filter was about 1/4" too tall. Had to modify my housing. Switch wiring is NO instead of NC contacts. Wiring for coil doesn't fit oem harness. Recoil starter keeps spitting out one of it's pawls. Gas cap doesn't fit correctly, but I was able to use it's rubber seal on my old one.

However, all parts did do the job, after much head scratching, rewiring, and a little grinding.
Probably will order individual components again from here, but not any package deals. Not terribly thrilled about the quality, but it did get me going.
Carb seems to be decent quality
Customer support was pretty good, the people were helpful, the wiring pamphlet, not so much. A simple wiring diagram would've been better than the "photo guide" they sent me.